Nitro Circus

Fri, 15 Mar 2019

Nitro Circus has raised the bar by creating an action-packed all-new tour that is too big to fit indoors. The Nitro Circus crew will charge into New Zealand with jaw-dropping new ramps, unbelievable new tricks and ridiculous stunts. The Next Level Tour takes inspiration from the game-changing progression and breakthrough ramp technology first dreamed up at Travis’ “Pastranaland” compound, perfected at Nitro World Games and now coming to a city near you! 

This tour will feature the biggest ramps on the planet, including the huge FMX Best Trick ramps Gregg DuffyJosh Sheehan and Harry Bink hit to top the World Games podium. 

The best athletes in BMX, Scooter and Inline will also raise their game, sending it with all new, never before seen tricks, on the brand new Giganta Ramp Nitro’s crazy cast of daredevils will also brave the 50-foot Giganta Ramp on a host of new crazy contraptions, that have no business flying through the air. 

3.00pm - Public car park opens

4.00pm - VIP function starts

5.30pm - Gates open

6.30pm - Show starts

Event Schedule

Fri, 15 Mar 2019

Start: 06:30pm
End: No time set